Experienced New York Car Accident Lawyers

Despite New York City’s best effort to make the streets as safe as possible, serious car accidents are still occurring citywide contributing to thousands of injuries every year and hundreds of fatalities. Motor vehicle accidents are a major source of danger and present themselves as a serious threat to the public safety of drivers, passengers and pedestrians. Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of injury and death in New York State. On average three New Yorkers die every day from traffic related accidents. Some of the major causes of traffic accidents are speeding, disobeying road signs and driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Hospitals across the state bill an average of $1.1 billion annually due to emergency room visits and hospitalizations related to motor vehicle crashes.

More specifically, the New York City Vision Zero campaign aims to eliminate traffic related fatalities in New York City where an average of 4,000 people are seriously injured and 250 are people are killed every year. This equates to a motor vehicle accident every two hours. For victims of serious car accidents, it’s important to hold the responsible parties accountable and pursue your legal rights to the fullest extent. After a serious accident you may be responsible for lost time at work, mounting bills and the struggle to pick up the pieces and get your life back together. Serious motor vehicle accidents can set families back months or even years in unpaid bills from lost wages and unsettled claims. With the right legal team behind you back we will fight for every penny you deserve and get you paid in a timely manner that will help you preserve your financial and emotional state-of-mind. When searching for the right New York City car accident lawyer, it’s critical to hire an attorney that is passionate about justice and the pursuit of their client’s maximum compensation for their pain and suffering stemming from a serious motor vehicle accident.

While the city has taken a proactive approach to reduce the amount of dangerous situations drivers and pedestrians can find themselves in while traversing the city streets, accidents are still a major health issue in this city. Drivers should caution that under the Vision Zero campaign enforcement has increased, speed cameras are popping at intersections all of the city and the Department of Transportation is reconfiguring the deadliest streets in the city to combat speeding and improve driver and passenger safety. However, when a driver gets behind the wheel and acts negligently, no amount of safety rules in place can prevent a serious motor vehicle accident. These drivers must be held accountable. Without the right legal representation, the insurance company will offer the plaintiff a lower than deserved settlement in hopes the party doesn’t have the right legal representation to challenge the offer. In many cases a good personal injury lawyer will challenge the insurance company and fight for the most money possible in their settlement, even willing to go to trial in many cases to prove the negligence of the driver in the crash.


I Had an Accident and I'm Injured.

If you or anyone you know was injured in a car accident, it’s always a smart choice to visit a lawyer and discuss your legal options post-accident. Call us today and we will work to recover the maximum amount for your case. Let us review your claim and if we decide to take your case, you don’t pay a single cent in attorney fees until after you settle your case and get paid. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by contacting some of the best personal injury lawyers in New York City.


Why Hire Queens Personal Injury Lawyers, Villamar & Mewafy?

Time: From the time the accident occurs, the statute of limitations clock begins to tick. In New York City claimants have three years to file a lawsuit. That may seem like a long time, but in a case where you are seriously injured, require surgery and extended rehabilitation time, hiring a lawyer may not be the first thing that crosses your mind. While you are trying to get your life back together and recover from your serious injuries, the time to file a lawsuit can quickly dwindle down.

Intimidation: The legal process and courts are an intimidating and complex terrain to navigate for the average New Yorker. Paperwork, claims, medical bills, police report and deadlines. It can all become a headache very quickly and only adds to the stress of being involved in a serious car accident. Call us today and we will walk with you every step of the way. We will get your case filed, organize and file all of your police and medical bills and build a strong case against the defendant that will yield the most recovery possible for the damage, pain and suffering the car accident has caused in your life.

Experience: We have been down this road before. For many claimants, the accident they just experienced was the first of any kind in their lives. They are scared, shaken, and seriously injured. Most car accident victims deal with residual pain and suffering long after an accident that can prohibit their ability to get on with their lives in the ways they enjoyed before the accident. Without an experienced legal team you can misfile paperwork or miss important deadlines in order to keep your lawsuit moving toward a successful resolution.

It’s always a good idea to hire an attorney after a car accident or work-related car accident where you are suffering from injuries that can be the result of another individual’s negligence. Call us today for a free case evaluation. Let us tell you how much your case us really worth. It’s usually worth more than an insurance company is willing to initially offer a plaintiff. Contact us and find out more today.