New York Employment Attorneys Fighting for Your Rights

New York City residents are some of the hardest working, dedicated and selfless employees in the world. You give 100 percent every day to get the job right. Employers have an obligation to treat you fairly and respectfully. If you feel you have been taken advantage of financially due to unpaid wages, unpaid overtime or lack of sufficient rest and breaks, you are not alone. Our law offices can help you get the respect you deserve for your New York unpaid wages.

Pressure from an employers can also lead to harassment and discrimination in the workplace. Even though several strict law exist on the books to prevent workplace harassment and discrimination, it still happens even in the progressive and forward thinking city of New York. You deserve respect and the opportunity to earn a living without harassment and discrimination from your employer. From the working mom in Queens to the aging longtime associate from Brooklyn, harassment and discrimination is against the law; plain and simple. You do not need to tolerate it from anyone. Our experienced legal team will get you the respect and compensation you deserve.

Let us help. We will hear your story and tell you what you can do to exercise your legal rights and put a stop to the unfair treatment and hostility from your employer.


Unpaid Wages, Unpaid Overtime, What Can I do?

Claiming unpaid wages is an intimidating process that the employer will always attempt to make difficult for you to prove. Hiring our experienced legal team of overtime attorneys with our specialists in employment law who will sit down with you and customize a plan that will hold your employer responsible for every penny they owe you. The plan will be to file a claim to recover the unpaid wages and battle with the employer to combat appeals when they refuse to pay. The New York Department of Labor is responsible for managing these unpaid claims. These claims can include missing payments for wage violations such as unpaid earnings, unpaid overtime, unpaid vacation, sick time and even holiday or bonus pay. The Department of Labor will then process your claims, hold a hearing if necessary and order the employer to pay for the loss wages. However, this process doesn’t always provide the end solution that you deserve. The employer may also be in a better position to defend themselves and fight back against your claim.

Don’t waste time or energy, hire an attorney to file a direct claim or lawsuit to recoup the lost wages. Unless it’s a very small claim, hiring a lawyer makes the most sense because we are knowledgeable and experienced employment attorneys that will research your particular case, investigate and fight hard on your behalf to yield results that leaves your employer sorry they ever tried to deceit you. It’s important to note that employees have six years under New York State law to collect unpaid wages and two years for federal workplace violations. Let us determine what violations your employers are responsible for. Tell us about your claim and we will get the compensation you deserve. Call us today, don’t wait to file your claim.


Workplace Harassment and Discrimination

Workplace harassment can come in a form of intimidation, hostility, violence or sexual advances. State and Federal laws exist in New York City to protect workers from workplace harassment and discrimination based on race, ethnicity, color, sex, religion, age, disability and pregnancy. Everyone has a right to a safe and non-harassing workplace. Our advice is simple. If you feel intimidated, uncomfortable, scared and anxious to be at work you might be a victim of workplace harassment and/or discrimination. Tell us your story by calling a real team of experience discrimination lawyers. We will ask you the right questions, investigate and determine if you have a valid claim against your employer. We will develop a plan of action to ensure you hold the employer responsible for the carelessness they help foster at the workplace that led to the harassing and discriminatory behavior.